Vacant Office

Vacant Office is a concept I thought of many years ago, while sitting at my desk in an office building filled with a sea of cubicles. Why do I need to get up early, take a shower, and drive 13 miles to the office to call my teammates located on the other side of the world? Can't I do this from home?

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Home Office

The commute to work has been reduced to less than 50 feet. My kitchen is just a few seconds away. I save big bucks not eating out every meal, and not driving 26 miles to work and back every day.

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Flexible Work

When I am not in meetings, my time is my own. I decide what work to do and when to do it. I go for walks when I feel like it and even sometimes watch a movie while I am working. I wear what I want to wear and don't need to take a shower before I start my workday. Life is good.

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Happy Hour

My home bar is open 24 hours, although I don't have my first beer until my work is done (usually after 6pm, but sometimes a little earlier on 'Beer-Shirt' Fridays).

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